Dialog about traveling

Dialog about traveling.

Why not? We could stay in the capital of Japan-Tokyo, because it’s the biggest city in Japan and I’m sure that we could find a lot of fun stuff to do.

We could visit so many places in Tokyo for that price.

I’m sure you would like to visit visit Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower or have a bike ride around pretty places in Japan.

Okay that doesn’t count , cause my arguments are better then yours.

Can I at least try to convince you to go to Japan with me?

Sure you can, but I don’t think that you’ll succeed.

Okay, I have to admit that it’s impressive. What’s next? Flying cars and houses built in the air?

Oh, you wish. Anyways, now I would like to hear something about Rabat that would amaze me.

So first of all there are stunning live music perforamances in probably every street. There are also bunch of cosy markets where you can find unusual handmade items, from clothes and food to fabulous house scents.

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