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All telecommunications comes down to. Processors and Control Software. Terminal. Processors and Control Software. Terminal. Media. How are infrastructures. Let’s talk. Want to talk to someone else. TCircuit switched” Dedicated line. Company A. Company B. Company D. Company C. W. W. Internet Backbone. E-mail from Company A to Company D packets reassembled at the other end. Consumer. Consumer. Wan. Firewall, fiber, frame relay, TCP/IP, DSL, and modem? Transmission control protocol/internet protocol (tcp/ipTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) - a group. The tcp/ip suite. Mtso. Mtso. Analog vs. Digital. Expense of cellular phone use continues to come down as the transition is made. G, 2G, 3G, 4G? Here “G” is for “Generation”. Analog is 1G. G networks have. A 4G system. Speeds & cost of media. What if one or more of the “Terminals” is a computer? Modems - the. The Modem Conversion. Analog to Digital. Modulation. Telecommunications Infrastructure. Satellite. Computers are beginning to dominate our concept of “Networks”. Local Area Network (LANWide Area Network (WANMetropolitan Area Network (MANTopologies and Protocols. Topology the. Intranet. Internal network www technology firewall. Extranet. Allows select users outside organization to use its intranet customers business partners vendors *. Virtual Private Network (VPNVirtual private network. Intranet, Extranet, and VPN Technologies. The Internet. Network of Networks, established in 1969 by U. What is the Internet? A Physical Entity. A collection of thousands of computer networks. Recognized Standards (TCP/IP) protocols for transferring information across various computer platforms. Main frame. Net Neutrality. On 26 February. How many Users? 147 Million as of 9/98, 195 million as of 8/.

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