Green ICT report

Green ICT report.

This report was requested by the Managing Director and has been compiled to investigate and report on the benefits of being “green” to the environment and the organization, and to reach conclusions on a range of “green” issues which include recycling, travelling to work, communication technologies and etc.

The most popular way to travel to work is the car, with over 70% of all people choosing to get to work this way. The ICT Green provides to companies to develop the Travel plans to encourage employees to change the way they travel. They provide to use bicycle, bus, rail or foot. To achieve these goals may charge the car parking for employees or encourage sharing one car to get to work.

It’s important that companies are environmental – friendly and are willing to spend more for green products. This fact is very important of majority consumers in all country. For example, green dry cleaner, energy, car washes, wall paints and etc. it’s everywhere and it’s manufacturing and marketing policies. If small business chooses adopt energy efficiency practices, so they let know customer about it. It may four out of five customer buying environmentally friendly products and service today, which sometimes cost more.

This research was based on benefits of Green ICT – The greening of business. The issues are climate change and environmental protection.

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