Cold War Museum

Cold war museum. Start of exhibition. Missile launch room. The Cold War in brief. At the dawn of the Cold War. Agasaki the beginning of madness. Reconnaissance satellites. The Prague Spring. A new wave of armament. Targets for nuclear strikes. The 1987 disarmament treaty. Coins from missile metal. Missile launch key. Fuel-control system. Garrison rest room. Cold War weaponry. Model the silo launch device Dvina. Political propaganda.

The facility was the Soviet Union's very first underground missile base. The work took place from September 1960 to 31 December 1962. In total, there were 10,000 soldiers building the site (most of whom were Estonian). They also built a small military town nearby with approximately 20 buildings, comprising a headquarters, a barracks for soldiers, a hotel for officers, two separate mess halls (for officers and soldiers), garages, a medical station and warehouses for supplies.

Since 1963, this missile launch site had been deploying four medium-range ballistic missiles with thermonuclear warheads. At different times, the missiles were aimed at Great Britain, West Germany, Spain and Norway. The grounds of the facility were protected by a barbed wire fence and a defence system with a lethal voltage, alarms and armed guards…

Soon you will find out more. The tour should take about an hour. Take care: the majority of doorways are low, so protect your head.

Have an exciting tour!

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