Vytautas the Great War Museum

Vytautas the Great War Museum”. Vytautas. Vytautas the Great War Museum “ history. The museum exposition. The museum can see the famous "Lituanica" memorial exhibition dedicated to Lithuanian pilots. Exposition „Lithuanian army. „Anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet. The exhibition „Armed. Vytautas choirs exposition “ draws attention to the magnificent sculpture of Vytautas. Unity Square “ is located in the tower. Unity Square “ celebrity - the Statue of Liberty. Vytautas the Great War Museum“ – Lithuania glorious past memorial custodian.

Its founder is considered general or lieutenant, politician Vladas Nagevičius, installed the first war exhibition at the museum.

1940 during the Soviet occupation, the museum's name was changed and lost exhibits army regiments flags, pictures of artillery. Their place was taken by the Soviet ideology promoting the items. 1950 destroyed the Statue of Liberty, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and other sculptures. But already in 1990. Museum regained his name was added to the collection of new and donated items.

The museum can see the famous "Lituanica" memorial exhibition dedicated to Lithuanian pilots, Stephen Darius and S.Girėnas flight to remember. It can look around the plane Lituanica relics and personal belongings of pilots.

,, Who created the famous sculptor Vladas Grybas. Here are exhibited and Lithuanian ruler portraits and paintings depicting Lithuania's most important battles.

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