Brainstorm UKCCA report

Brainstorm UKCCA report .

It is one thing to hear of the Carnival Arts Centre, but to actually visit the Centre is something different. This is why we asked the population if they have ever attended an event at the Carnival Arts Centre. According to the research, the majority of students of the population, 70% to be precise, said that they have not been to an event at the Carnival Arts Centre. Although this would usually be alarming, this news is eased by the fact that out of the 30% have been to an actual event, the majority of them thought that the events were good value of money.

The answer to this could be found in question 11, as we asked the population what time of the day would be convenient for them to visit the Carnival Arts Centre. The majority of the population said that they would be able to visit the Carnival Arts Centre within the hours of 17:00 – 20:00.

We all know that some students prefer to stay active outside of educational hours, and choose to have jobs.

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