Bangladesh essay

Bangladesh essay.

At the end of the 5th decade, Bengali national liberation movement was intensified and

the discontent western Pakistani domination grew rapidly. Bengali Awami League started to

1971, 26th of March, Bangladesh declared independence. When Awami League

with Bangladesh. In 1971, 3rd of December, its army invaded eastern Pakistan.

After the capitulation of the Pakistani army in Dhaka, Bangladesh was recognized by

many countries. In 1972 Mujibur Rahman became a Prime Minister. 1972 The constitution was

By 1974 the Mujib Government was in trouble and it was influenced by a devastating famine

By the late 1980s, Ershad started losing his power. In December of 1990, he resigned.

Bangladesh is not that powerful and doesn’t have lots of power in a controlling of a transition of

in the country. The supreme Court from now on is only suggested by the Prime Minister and

appointed the Supreme Court, but after a huge change, the President gained some power and

domestic growth because the country did not have their economic system, profit from all the

and not for Bangladesh people, free trade was stopped and because of all these challenges and

years in creating their own stable economy. The quote above shows the opinion of other people.

this score, Bangladesh stands as a 131st country in the world as the freest country in the world.

GDP, HDI, and Literacy rates grew and still keep on growing. Although, the poverty rate in

Bangladesh is still high. Some people do not believe that this country will leave an LDC status

align with different countries such as India do not belong to Less Developed Countries list.

Banglaadesh is exported to many different countries and in a big amounts. Tea, cash crops

by 11% since 2004. This shows that Bangladesh have slowly started to succeed their political

money to decrease the poverty rate. Also the literacy rate keeps on growing with every year and

was influenced by the fact that lots women came to the government and started ruling the

the money from the exported goods would only go to a government and a few individuals;

people that worked in factories and agricultural sectors did not get enough of money...) the

country got higher without a drastic inflation. Also all the money that were sent from foreign

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