Working as a team

Working as a team Working in team.

Depending on their nationality and upbringing, each team member is situated in a "cultural anchorage" in which they are comfortable. One can say the same about people and cultures. Most people are satisfied with their cultural characteristics. Strangers may find Finnish culture dull, Italian too emotional, and Russian or Nigerian too volatile, possibly chaotic but that is the way these people like it. They live that way and have done for centuries. They don't want to leave their cultural anchorage. This makes it difficult for the manager of an international team to convince a colleague to change anchorages, for instance to encourage an Italian to be as disciplined and systematic as a German, or a Japanese to speak out directly and make quick decisions like an American. Managers need to harness and synergize diversity rather than eliminate it.

This is six main aspects that need to know for a better team work in an international teams;

Organizing the team - Having identified its members' cultural characteristics, the team must be organized from the outset to maximize the great potential that the cultural mix offers.

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