Waste disposal logistics

Waste management activities. The logistics activities on the farm waste. Waste disposal logistics tasks. Waste disposal logistics objectives. Waste disposal logistics objects (waste management, medical waste disposal and Hazardous waste storage, treatment and disposal.

Waste management, generation and disposal - one of the most important environmental problems resulting from just settled in THE FIRST settlements and became particularly acute in our century. In general, the waste includes all human and animal activity contaminants. Improper handling them is threatened not only the environment in which we live, well-being, but also for our own health. H. D. Toro said that "things do not change, we are changing." Previously, the waste is not a serious problem, because the population was small, and the disposal of land was enough. Already in ancient times farmers tried to use waste recycling them into fuel and fertilizers. Technical development of society can be traced to the beginning of the industrial revolution, but at the same time and have the main waste disposal problems. At the end of the nineteenth century England environmental conditions were so bad that in 1888. It was published Sanitation Law, which forbade throwing waste into the city ditches, rivers and water bodies. Modern technology constantly creates variable amounts of waste. Of particular significance is the growing use of packaging materials and semi-finished food consumption, which reduces food waste at home, but also increases the amount of waste processing sites.

Inevitably, due to the increase of production and consumption waste and the emergence of new sources of the waste collection and recovery has gained enormous economic problems and economic importance. Waste disposal and recovery problem is given rise to waste management system that integrates all the steps, measures and regulations for the rational use of waste. Waste - is a range of measures and address the tasks intended to avoid waste, reduce, remove and properly used. It covers the activities of planning, its implementation and monitoring. This is particularly the case for industrial and business areas of the service sector, as well as household and public sector (street maintenance, parks, installation and so on.). Waste management operations are organized in different ways - public (local authorities), private (business) or by using a mixed forms.

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