Learning English: Unit 7 Test

Class IIc Unit 6 Test Name. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. Complete the sentences with the words below. Babysitter bring it up common sense hold you up receptionist run out of. Points. Rewrite the sentences so they have a similar meaning. Use the words in brackets. Points. Complete the email with who , which , where , or whose. Kids Saving the Rainforest. Free the Children.

Why do you always think bad things will happen? ... isn’t a good thing.

Wendy is really ... , so she finds it difficult to meet new people.

You’re so ... , Greg. You never change your mind about anything.

babysitter bring it up common sense hold you up receptionist run out of

I walked into the hotel and spoke to the ..But I couldn’t get a room because the hotel was full.

We’re going to ... milk soon. Can you get some more from the supermarket?

Ryan isn’t stupid. He’s got a lot of ... .

Harry hasn’t told us anything about the party yet. Did he ... when you saw him this morning?

The boss will arrive later, but she doesn’t want to ... , so we can start without her.

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