Vilnius city

Vilnius city. Interesting facts about Vilnius. Facts about Vilnius. Secrets of the old age of Vilnius. History of Vilnius. Vilnius tourist attractions. Arkikatedra basil. Tv tower. Top 4 favorite places. Kgb museum. Gediminas castle.

The legend says that Vilnius was founded by the Grand Duke of Lithuania, dreaming of a raging iron wolf. Vilnius Old Town is listed on the UNESCO Heritage Site.

Why is the Presidential Wall splits? This is because the river flows through this wall. Each year this corner is being repaired, and the hole is expanding. Vilnius is a city 7 rivers.

ARKIKATEDRA BASIL - The Basilica of St Basil's and St Basil's aristocratic Vladislav is the most important Catholic shrine in the whole country, the place of the great Christian, national and state celebrations.

Užupis - This is one of the oldest districts in Vilnius.

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