University of Cambridge presentation

University of Cambridge. Goals. General information. The coat of arms and flag. Famous alumni of Cambridge university. How many students does the university have? Libraries and books. Education. Faculties, schools and departments. Schools. Other means of studies. Quizz time. Thanks for watching. Source.

Talk about University’s: General information Education Student life.

Faculties, schools and departments Other means of studying.

There are a LOT of faculties. Each one have their own departments. Faculties are combined into 6 schools.

Undergratuate study (30 courses) Graduate study (mostly PhD projects) Interaction with different profesors.

Where is University of Cambridge located?(not just city) Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.

How many libraries does the University have? 100 libraries.

How many different schools does the University have? 6.

What type of projects does the University have for graduates? Mostly against cancer.

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