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Peking University. Content. General information. History of Peking University. Research Institutes and Centers. Main university subjects. Notable alumni. Li Dazhao. Hu shi. Yitang Zhang. University campus. More photos of university campus. Conclusion. Quiz. Sources.

General information about the University History of Peking Univesity Research Institutes and Centers Main university subjects Notable alumni University campus.

Founded in 1898. Located in Bejing,  northern China. Type: Public. Total students: 42,655. Academic staff: 7,317. QS Global World Ranking: 30.

All in all i want to say that this univesity is very good and prestigious. A lot of great people graduated from this university and it is keeping it‘s own traditions to these days.

When the university of Peking was founded? Founded in 1898 What happened in years from 1916 to 1927? The noted scholar Cai Yuanpei was appointed president on January 4, 1917, and helped transform the Peking University into the country's largest institution of higher learning Who was the first president of the university? Cai Yuanpei How many subjects approximately does the university have? Peking university has over 120 different subjects.

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