Ultrasound Imaging and Ultrasound machine

Introduction to Ultrasound Imaging. What is Ultrasound ? How ultrasound is generated and detected for imaging. How are Images created by ultrasound signals? Transducers. Resolution and Penetration. ECHO Principle of Ultrasound Imaging. Reflection of Ultrasound. Limitations. Strengths. Ultrasound Machine. Comparison with other imaging methods. Conclusions.

Sound is mechanical wave created by a vibrating object and transmitted through a medium.

Its frequency is measured by Hertz (1 Hertz = one cycle/second). Audible sound (human ears): 20 - 20,000 Hz.

The transducer (probe) contains a special type of crystal called Piezoelectric Element

Ultrasound is generated by the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy and is detected by the reverse process called

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  • Ultrasound Imaging and Ultrasound machine
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