Time capsule

Time capsule (2).

Today i am going to talk about time copsule. Nowdays is popular to talk about the future. More and more people are intrested in that. So what is that time capsule? Time capsule is a information storage which is buried under the ground. I would like to get some of the things I put into my time capsule and how it looks .so there are some thing i wanna to put into my time capsule.

talking about the home life.i would like to put large vacuum cleaner and broom, i think that many years after there will be houses that will manage themselves, so after 1000 years housework will not exist.

Also i wanna put a popular variuos poem , dramas and so on. but why? Because i think that future people will be intresting to know what poems and dramas were earlier. also put in my time capsule i wanna usb key with popular and one of the best nowdays music.

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