Time management among working students

The definition of time management. Why students , working students face time management problems , and what these problems are. In what ways should this mutual problem be stopped.

School graduation, beginning of studies  is one of the major turning points that changes the mindset of most young people and gives them new opportunities. The  Study schedule becomes more relaxed, therefore more free time is available. A person’s interest in his future specialty is grows, he tries to learn more, seeks to become independent financially and physically. To achieve it, he must start working. Both work and studies are very time consuming things. A student, who wishes to work while studying must manage his time properly. However, it is not an easy task, it requires self-discipline, determination and responsibility. What are the problems that a working student faces when trying to manage his time? 

First of all, to understand time management problems among students we need to know what time management is. Cambridge dictionary defines time management as the practise of using the time a person has available in an effective way. There are two types of time planning: long-range and short range.

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