The tragedy of common – Caspian sea Overfishing

The tragedy of common – Caspian sea Overfishing.

Most of the Caspian Sea rivers were dammed in 1958. At the time of the release of fresh water into the sea levels were significantly reduced by up to 41 m2 per year. It is due to a marked decline of anadromous fish species because it did not allow them to achieve freshwater spawning grounds. It has been estimated that within a decade their number decreased by 11 times. For built dams the Caspian Sea at the time lost 60-85 percent of the sturgeon spawning grounds. Despite the dam reduced the floods it could be probably said that it was also a positive factor. Ural River remained as the only river without any dams. Therefore, agriculture and industrial pollution have also had a significant impact on the environment of the Caspian Sea from the 8th decade.

In the four years since 2006, the Caspian Sea water level dropped as much as 30 centimeters. Now the sea is 27.50 meters below the level of the World Ocean. It is believed that the water level has to fall from 0.5 to 1.5 m. This will cause the navigation, fishing, environmental issues, economic losses. Tracking the Caspian Sea has already felt the effects of sea transport. Ships with 4-5 meter gauge can hardly passage of the Volga-Caspian sea shipping channel. Some will have to wait until the pulsating water level. No less a problem waiting and Caspian fishermen. The depletion of the sea, going bigger fish eating places salinisation. In the northern part of the Caspian fish being picked in the south, where the deeper waters. However on stranded fish stocks in the southern part of the Caspian feeding base is deteriorating. Tracking the Caspian Sea and the water level rise processes occur every 40-50 years. A similar situation happened in 1960 year. Then caused a slump in the Caspian Sea has been up to 29 meters below the level of the World Ocean. Then fishery catches were dropped to 30-33 thousand tons per year. Last year, in the Caspian Sea have been caught about 45 thousand tons of fish.

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