The Simpsons presentation

Why I chose The Simpsons? The Content Of The Show. The main characters. The main topics. Music. Education. Society & lifestyle. Enviroment. The Beginning Of The Simpsons. The Evolution Of Simpsons. Some Facts About The Simpsons. Movie. Simpsons Most Famous Predictions. The President Trump. Smartwatches. Team USA's Olympic Curling Win. Conclusion.

The Simpsons is an American animated comedy created by Matt Groening which shows a working class family life who live in town called Springfield.

The Simpsons has more than 29 seasons and 618 episodes. The Simpsons uses six main voice cast members. The Simpsons has more than 7,5 millions of viewers per episode. It takes between 6-8 months to make one episode. It’s the longest running American animated program in television history.

Back in 1995 The Simpsons in Season 6, Episode 19 predicted smartwatches.

In 2010 The Simpsons predicted that USA’s men’s curling team will defeat Sweden.

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