The rainbow Case - decision

The rainbow Case - decision.

Rainbow Warrior case.

1.The fact situation involves two parties France and New Zealand. In 1985 France sank (it means destroys) the British-registered Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior ( it was berthed in New Zealand) , that wanted to stop French nuclear tests on the French islands. However New Zealand caught 2 secret agents from France and convicted them of sinking that ship.

2.The issue of the situation is to determine what decision may the UN Secretary-General reach and on what basis.

3.The given FS concerns several legal principles, that set forth in many international treaties and conventions. Moreover it violates one of the main fact of statehood : it breaches territorial integrity and the opportunity of the state to control the own government. These facts of the statehood were laid down in article 1 of the Montevideo Convention on Rights and Duties of States in 1933. The Un Charter imposes the duty to maintain peace and also the duty to refrain from the use of force against the states sovereignty.

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  • The rainbow Case - decision
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