History of Tesla Motors

History of “Tesla Motors”. Founding. Elon Musk to the rescue with more cash. A deal with Lotus Cars. The Roadster is unveiled. Tesla changes leadership. The Elon Musk era begins. The Roadster. Introducing the Model S. Tesla and Daimler AG. Tesla takes a loan from the US Government. Going public. We drive Elon Musk's personal Roadster. The model x suv. Tesla's secret sauce. The Fires. Tesla in. The Model. First Model X delivered. The "D" Stands For. The Tesla Model X SUV Gets Delayed Repeatedly. Tesla P85D Gets Faster. Troubles In China. Tesla Wins In New Jersey. Elon Musk Pledges To End "Range Anxiety". The Model X Gets Spotted On The Road. Elon Musk unveils ‘Tesla Energy’. Tesla acquires Michigan-based Riviera Tool. FTC Rallies Behind Tesla. The model s p85d gets even faster. The Return Of The Roadster. First Model X delivered. Model 3 Unveiled And Detailed. Tesla plans to acquire SolarCity.

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  • History of Tesla Motors
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