Taylorism and Human Relations

Taylorism and Human Relations.

After breaking down the tasks into different smaller tasks F. W. Taylor stated that every employee must to complete specific amount of work per day. During timing and motion studies it was calculated exact amount of work employees must to complete per day. There was also examined different types of tasks that has to be completed the day. (Taylor, 1976). The tasks set by Taylor were qualitative, quantitative and hard to achieve. For that reason job was done only by the ‘’first class’’ workman. It means that if the job was to heavy for one employee he had to look for suitable job for himself. (Taylor, 1976)Taylors research on setting up goals showed that productivity was much higher in the companies who had at least simple goal such as to move 1000 bricks per day rather than companies having no goals or goal described as ‘’do your best’’ (Locke, 1968)Amazon using this type of philosophy as well. The company has different goals for different part of sectors. For example packers have to scan at least 108 items per hour. The job in Amazon is also not so easy to get as people have to complete various mentality tests to prove that they can think in the way that company wants. People also have to pass drugs and alcohol tests which would show that people are in good medical condition and do not use anything illegal that would distract them from work. (O'Connor, 2013) Previously mentioned statements proves that Amazon trying to choose ‘’first class’’ workers as F. W. Taylor suggested even though in modern world it cannot be done so plainly as it was done in Taylors Century as these days there are more laws created protecting human rights.

F. W. Taylor believed that biggest incentive for employees were money. Therefore he insisted to increase labour wages from 30% up to 100% in exchange for learning to do the job by linking it with scientific management philosophy. (Boddewyn, 1961, p. 105)Amazon provides monthly bonuses for each employee. The bonus refers to productivity of worker during the month which is calculated by computers and certain amount of bonus is transferred to his account. The bonus might fluctuate from £0 up to £150 per month. (Amazon, 2013)

Taylor showed more sympathy to an individual work rather than to groups work as he stated that when people working in groups they tend to do less work as when working individually. Group work weaken individuals efficiency due to phenomena called ‘’Systematic Soldiering’’ (Taylor, 1976).Another factor that had been researched by Latanè, Williams and Harkins called ‘’social Loafing’’. Mentioned factor proves that individual working weaker within a group than independently deliberately even though he states that it is the best he can do. (Latane, 1979)Amazon has the same opinion and its warehouse work is set on individual basis. Employees are not allowed to talk to each other during the work hours as it is distracting productivity. (O'Connor, 2013) Taylorism states that when people are not allowed to talk they tend to concentrate more on their work and efficiency increases.

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