Summary of documentary about low-cost airlines

Summary of documentary about low-cost airlines.

5th place: US Airways (the USA) – largest low cost airlines in the USA. It has 360 aircrafts, more than 240 directions to the USA, Europe, Caribbean and Hawaii countries.

4th place: Ryanair (Ireland) – it has 516 routes in 25 European countries. In the plans there are even long-houl flights.

2nd place: AirAsia (Malaysia) – it has routes to 48 Asia cities. For example, flight KUALA Lumpur-Ryongyang costs less than 3 dollars.

1st place: EasyJet (Great Britain) – EasyJet can be proud if its’ relation between price and quality. It has 387 routes and fly to 104 Europes and South Africas cities. Also EasyJet has created the easiest online tickets reservation system.

Compromises in a way staff to work in security sensitive areas;

For the end I would like to say that we can find a lot of different ways to travel. Every single one is unique and has its own advantages and, of course, disadvantages. One of ways to travel is taking a low costs airlines flights. It is really cheap and people actually prefer it because they want to save their money. We shouldn’t forget about some awkwardness that we can find on our way.

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