Texture - the sensation in the mouth. Sugar affects many products, such as bread, jam and beverages by providing volume and consistency.

In bread, sugar, speeding up the fermentation process affects the volume of dough. This gives the bread a more porous structure and crust - softer.

The preservative properties of sugar in products such as jams, juices and pickles. Food preserved in order to prevent the development of disease causing pathogens mikroorganizmams.Mikroorganizmams need water to grow. They absorb water via the outer layer of the cell wall. If the concentration of sugar in food reaches a certain level, the sugar water is bound. This does not allow for microorganisms which reduces the water content and activity level.

During the Maillard reaction (sugar and amino acids) products such as bread, coffee, heated desserts and cakes brown and acquires a taste. Maillard reaction is an extremely complex and, in addition to performance pigmentation, which provide color and flavor.

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