How successful were Stalin’s domestic policies?

How successful were Stalin’s domestic policies? .

To increase the productivity of workers, Stalin encouraged them by telling them that the are working for the country‘s economic future. It helped believe that if they work harder, the future of better times will come faster and their lives will change. Another role of women were to increase the population growth. Stalin made abortion and divorce illegal. An increase in birth rate will help USSR in the future to be prepared for the war. Besides that, Stalin became “Dizzy with success“. In his speech that was published in Pravda, Stalin spoke about the successes of his Five year plans. Workers were able to see with their own eyes that industrialization was catching up with capitalist powers. Hence, they were told that working conditions in other countries were terrible and took into consideration the concequences after the Great Depression. Nevertheless, Stalin hid the idea of prison camps, in which they were filled with prisoners. SSRS used to deport people for no reason where if someone disobeys the rules, they will be exiled. The speech that was published in Pravda only invoiced the advantages of the five year plan and put aside the disadvantages. It didn‘t include the terror that is taking place in the country. USSR propaganda also took place in religion, art, culture and education. Orthodox churches were strong nationalistic force for Russia. In Stalins eyes, it was important for collectivization, however religious belief was very significant for peasants.

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  • How successful were Stalin’s domestic policies?
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