Stamp duty in Lithuania

Stamp duty in Lithuania. What is stamp duty? Stamp duty is the amount of money which is paid for the application. Minor fees for the services of state institutions. Stamp duty is normally paid before presenting a claim to the court. Entity. Natural and legal persons. Objects of stamp duty. Every action (initial or counter-claim) Appeals. Basis of stamp duty. Money recovery suits – according to the amount of the money. Calculation of stamp duty. According to the Code of Civil Procedure of Lithuania. Tax rate. If the amount. Exemptions. Claimants – alimony.

Every action (initial or counter-claim) Appeals, cassation appeals and requests to renewal the proceedings; Applications for applying temporary security measures; Complaints of the arbitration decisions; Other applications.

Money recovery suits – according to the amount of the money; Non-material harm renumeration cases – according to the required amount of money; If the action consists of several independent requirements – according to all amount of money of the requirements.

Claimants – alimony adjugment, health injuries, material and non-material harm cases; Spouses - applications for divorce; Disadvantaged groups; Bank of Lithuania.

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  • Stamp duty in Lithuania
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