Sports Vollyball and Baseball

Sports Vollyball and Baseball.

1. Point guard (PITCO) - begins to feed or update the game from the point guard hills, throwing a ball catcher so thats likes to catch it, bet the same, but ours would be hard to block the ball. 2. Catcher (Ketčeris) - Catcher signals batter type of throw use. Catcher runners monitors databases and Gina home the database. 3. First baseman - SIS Bano is included in the Majority of defensive action, not elsewhere specified or Great Majority outs reached first base. First basemen have to be very agile, In order to catch the balls, years or atmušamus His direction. 4. The second baseman - it has the pat priorities as safety, CIO is not as powerful. It is involved in a number of defensive action. 5. Third baseman - A powerful player who can detain severe blocking balls and lose up to pat the first base. 6. Safety (Short-Stop) - safety is an important Bano, When the ball atmušamas between the second and third bases. It covers a large square parts and is involved in many of the team defensive action. 7. Left fielder - one of the three fielders.

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  • Sports Vollyball and Baseball
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