Smith Only forward

Smith Only forward.

Mr. Stark begins his story from 9.30 in the morning (in this book he always gives an exact time). He is very disappointed for his life, so disappointed, that he can’t answer the phone. But the woman’s voice wakes him. It’s Zenda - a very attractive and clever woman. Zenda wants to see Stark in her office.

Zenda gave the task for Stark. One if her workers was stolen and Mr. Stark had to look for him. It was the main purpose of the story: to find the neighbourhood where Alklaud is and to bring him back to Zenda.

The only way to get to Slable neighbourhood was a water pipe. This pipe was only about a yard across, so Stark decided to try to get to the Stable. When e was already in the pipe, somebody started shooting at him. But wasn’t the Stable police, it was a member of the gang which had stolen Alkland. There was no reason for anyone else to try to kill an intruder.

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