Slides about M&M's candy

M&m's. About M&M's. M&M's - candy-pillows with a crispy shell. M&M's history. While traveling to. When in. The first M&M's in America were sold in. Facts Only milk chocolate and peanut flavored sweets are sold in Lithuania. M & M's candy slogan. "Dissolves in the mouth, but not in the hands. ".

While traveling to Spain, Sir Forrest Mars saw soldiers eating pieces of chocolate richly wrapped in sugar. Mr. Mars came back to his kitchen with this idea and created a candy recipe. The Rowntree family was on the same trip. They also saw soldiers eating sugar- wrapped chocolate, creating Smarties candy similar to M & M's.

The first M&M's in America were sold in 1941. (In the same year, the country became involved in World War II.

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  • Slides about M&M's candy
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