Christmas traditions project

Content. When do we. When do we celebrate Christmas? What is the meaning of it? Every year on 25th December, we celebrate the birthday of jesus Christ. What do people usually do on Christmas day? Festive activities include exchanging presents. How do they decorate their homes? (indoor and outdoorIndoor decorations. What are the most famous meals/dishes being. Served? Beef Wellington  Brandy butter Bread. What are the most famous Christmas symbols? Angels mary and joseph bells mistletoe candy. Interesting facts about Christmas. Speedy. Give your opinion about Christmas. Do you like this festival? Why? Everything is so colorful and jolly.

When do we celebrate Christmas? What is the meaning of it? What do people usually do on Christmas day? How do they decorate their homes? (indoor and outdoor) What are the most famous meals/dishes being served? What are the most famous Christmas symbols? Describe them (meaning/purpose) Give some interesting facts about Christmas Give your opinion about Christmas. Do you like this festival? Why? Why not?

Indoor decorations : Christmas tree, Christmas lights on windows, Christmas garland. Outdoor decorations : Christmas wreath on doors, Christmas lights on the house and trees.

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  • Christmas traditions project
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