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Art. Art types. Performance. Fashion. What is fashion. Why does fashion change? Fashion change because. Kinds of fashion. Haute Couture – French word meaning high fashion. Importance of colors in fashion. Colors have a demonstrable psychological effect. Fashion designing. Fashion designing is. Fashion shows. A fashion show. This is where the latest fashion trends are made. Fashion brands. Brands are the one that give identity to a fashion.

Performance Literature Architecture Music Crafts Opera Dance Theatre Drawing Inventions Design Martial arts Fashion Cookery Language.

What is fashion ? Fashion is the accepted day to day way of dressing at a given time. If you see everyone wearing the same color or style when they have not been the trend before, such is ''in-fashion''. Fashion is the total outlook of an individual of today and only for today. Though fashion evolves and somes styles come back, it only apply for ''now''.

Fashion change because people change. We always want something new. Clothing change for practicable reasons, for suitability for the season, and for adaptation to environment situation. In some cases the popularity of fashion endure for many seasons because of the combinations of these reasons.

Haute Couture – French word meaning high fashion.

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