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Al Capone. Content. Personal information [II]. Alphonse Gabriel „Al“. [II] Criminal lifestyle. With the age. [III] Goals and Achievements. His Major goal. [IV] His Death. Cause of Pneumonia. /06/19 /english.

[I] Personal information [II] Criminal lifestyle [III] Goals and Achievements [IV] His Death [V] Sources.

Alphonse Gabriel „Al“ Capone Nickname „Scarface“ In his young ages inteligent and a sports lover 17th January 1899 Brooklyn, New York City † 25th January 1947 Florida, USA [ 48 Years old School drop off after 8th class Mobster → „Chicago Outfit“ Mafia boss Had his own Pressofficer.

With the age of 15 → Invited by a italien mobster Frankie Yale → Was thought about: Illigal trading, Money laundering, gambling 1920 – 1930 one of the most popular mobsters Became a rolemodel to many criminals.

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