Skateboarding and Skateboarding types

What is it? Why I love Skateboarding? Skateboarding types. Vert. Street. International GSD.

And the history of skateboarding began in 1980, when local California teenagers invented boards with wheels attached to it. Popularity of skateboarding started to rise rapidly, causing people to invent companies which makes popular inventory of skateboarding . For example company named Spitfire which makes wheels for skateboards.

Later on, people invented skateparks, professional skateboarders started to appear. Skateboarding was on its way to success.

And in the present, skateboarding is so advanced, that famous companies make sponsorships with professional skateboarders who advertises their names. Unfortunately Europe is not that familiar with all this skateboarding culture, sadly society most of the time still thinks that people riding skateboards are immature and sees it as a vandalism.

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