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Shrek. "Shrek" is a film director Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. Shrek , donkay and cat. Shrek is a 2001 American computer-animated fantasy-comedy film produced by PDI/DreamWorks. The rights to the books were originally bought by Steven Spielberg in. This is a story about a big green ogre named Shrek. Shrek falls in love with Fione. Mom Fiona,dad Shrek,fergus,farkle two sons and felicia daughter. Shrek and Donkey first met Fiona in the dark castle. Each part of the movie "Shrek" is somewhat modeled on the classic fairy tale. King harold and the queen lilian. Mike Myers. There was another part of the movie "Shrek". Review of the. Genadij rogacz. Thank you for your attention.

This is a story about a big green ogre named Shrek. Hero wanted at all costs to regain composure in his mansion in the swamps, where as a result of the cruel repression of Lord Farquaad refuge in various fairy-tale characters (such as Pinocchio, The Wolf and the Seven Dwarfs). Shrek decided on a trip to the headquarters of Lord Farquaad to pick up the rights to their lands. The expedition was accompanied by verbose and clumsy friend - donkey. As a result of negotiations, agreement having been concluded. In return for receiving the document, the ogre had freed from the dragon's tower beautiful princess Fiona, which Lord has chosen his future wife. Shrek rescued the princess and defeat the dragon. On the way back Shrek fell in love with Fiona, but she was wrong, that did not save her beautiful prince, but ugly ogre. Fiona, however, hid the secret. Always after sunset he transformed the ogre. She decided to marry Lord Farquaad although she loved Shrek. She did not want to reveal his secret. Shrek was very angry, and only a donkey told him the whole truth (had talked with the princess).

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