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Guinness World Records. World's Tallest Man. The world’s smallest dog. The longest snake in the world. The oldest female twins. The Most tattooed man. The Most expensive hot dog. The world’s highest waterfalls. The Most piercings in a lifetime. Largest bubblegum bubble blown. The Shortest man in the world. The Hairiest teenager in the world. The Tallest dog. The Largest crocodile in captivity . Thanks for listening!

The longest snake is Medusa, a reticulated python, and it lives in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Medusa is 7.67 meters long.

Raymonde Saumade and Lucienne Grare, age103 years, are the oldest authenticated female twins living and they are from France.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi (Nepal) is the shortest living man and he is just 22 inches tall.

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