Service for private clients in swedbank

Service for private clients in swedbank.

a possibility to supplement at any time your bank account with any amount and receive cash in any unit of Swedbank or in any ATM;

settle accounts by order and enter into a supplementary agreement on servicing the account via Swedbank interneto bankas, a mobile bank;

keep money in your account in all currencies operated by the Bank;

find out your bank account balance and receive monthly statements mailed to you;

To opening a bank account, clients have to supply required documents for bank staff:

If client do not have passport, then he have to give any other document

Clients can have an unlimited number of accounts. An agreement may be terminated at any time if necessary, withdrawing the entire amount held in the account.

Pursuant to the Republic of Lithuania Law on Deposit Insurance. All of the deposits held with the bank shall be insured with a state enterprise the Deposit Insurance Fund.

A Cheque is a security - an order of a certain legal form to unconditionally pay out the sum specified therein.

The SMS text message will be sent in the local language of the particular country. Example: From Western Union: JOHN SMITH picked up your money transfer. Thank you!

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