Saving Energy and Water (2)

Saving Energy and Water (2).

People around the world don‘t always think about how it is important to save our water. Water is a very valuable resource on Earth. Not all countries have access to clean and fresh water. If we don‘t save our water, we might end up like the third world countries, where fresh water is abscent and very hard to get by. There are many ways to save water. For example: don‘t waste it while showering. Make your showering time as short as possible. Also, I have seen alot of amusement parks, whose rides use alot of water. I don‘t think it‘s necessary for them to waste water like that because water in some of the rides, doesn‘t even have a purpose or a task to make the ride function except for trying to implement a way to make the ride more fun.

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  • Saving Energy and Water (2)
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