Question types

Question types.

When had i come? (ar?) had i come? why had you eaten? had you eaten? where had she gone? had she gone? why had he studied? when had it rained? how had we met? when had they left?

Where will i go? (ar?) will i go? why will you come earlier? will you come? who will she dance with? will she dance? what time will he arive? when will it be cold? what will we cook? when will they leave?

What will i be doing? (ar?) will i be cooking? where will you be working? will you be dancing? how will she be traveling? will she be singing? what will he be eating? why will it be snowing? what will we be studying? what will they be wearing?

(ar?) will i finished writing this book? will you have studied all words? will she have graduated?

E.G.: They are at home every wendsday. (ar?) Are they at home every Wensday? !!! Who is at home every Wensday? Where are they every Wensday? When are they at home? 2) Must children go to school. Who must go to school? What must children do? Where must children go? 3) Am I student? 4) Are you a teacher? no, I‘m not. I am a student.

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