Grammar: Capital letter, article, questions slides

Grammar. Capital Letters. A capital letter is used To begin a sentence. The definite article the. We use the With nouns when talking about something specific. With the names of families (the Smiths) and nationalities ending –sh. With the words only, last and first (used as adjectivesIndirect questions. We use indirect questions when we ask for information politely. Indirect questions are. If the indirect question is part of a question. Indirect questions. Turn the following into indirect questions. Who is that. Did the caller.

Indirect questions.

Who is that women? We need to find out... What time does the next train leave? Can you tell me... How much does this dress cost? Could you tell me... Where does Mary live? I don’t know... Are the police investigating the robbery? Have you any ides...

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  • Grammar: Capital letter, article, questions slides
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