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The Red Cross. The international red. Purpose. The ICRC is based in Geneva, Switzerland and was founded in. Formation 17 February 1863 154 years ago Type Private humanitarian organization Headquarters Geneva. Mission. The core tasks. What they do. Activities Economic security Restoring family. Who they help. Civilians Women Children Detainees Refugees and displaced persons Migrants People with disabilities Missing people. Thank you for watching!

Formation: 17 February 1863; 154 years ago Type: Private humanitarian organization Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland Fields: Humanitarianism President: Peter Maurer Staff: 14,500 (average number of ICRC staff in 2015) Budget: CHF1110.2 million (2012)180.7 m for headquarters929.4 m for field operations.

Activities: Economic security Restoring family links Water and habitat Health Health care in danger Sexual violence Forensic science Mine action Cooperating with National Societes Building respect for the law Humanitarian diplomacy Working with the corporate sector.

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