Steel structures project

Explanatory script. Initial data. Design of the deck beams. St approach (l1 = 2,2m). Nd approach (l1=1,1m). Comparison of variants. Design of the main beams. Loads and stresses. Dimensioning of beam. Calculation of the weight of the designed beam and new values of MEd and VEd. Determination of cross - section class. Checking normal stresses. Checking shear stresses. Verification of local stress. Local stability of web. Design of beam supports. Connection of main beam and secondary beam together. Lateral stability of main beam. Design of axially loaded columns. Determination of loads. Determination of effective length of the column. Selection of cross – section. Design of column head. Design of column foot. Drawings. List of elements indicated in the drawings. Used literature.

The deck beams are I shaped IPE 200. Two cases are calculated, and the case, where sum of weights of all deck beams is smaller is chosen. Deck beams are connected to main beams by 4 bolts of 16mm in diameter.

Main beams are welded from steel plates. They are strengthened by stiffeners in the area of deck beams.

Columns are made from HE 180A profile. The column head and foot are design according all requirements. Thickness of the column head plate is 25mm. Thickness of the foot plate is 25mm too. The foot plate is joined to foundation by four anchor bolts of 20mm diameter. Cross – member is used in column foot.

Fillet welding is done using semi – automatic method (MAGW), with electrode wires G42. Protective gasses (80% of argon and 20% of CO2) are used.

Two approaches are taken into account. First one is when distance l1 equals 2,2m, second one is when this distance is equal 1,1meter.

The deck, which is put on the deck beams, consists of three layers: reinforced concrete slab (160mm), compensation layer (60mm), and flooring (20mm). The load of 1m2 is calculated:

According obtained results I select IPE 200 beam with following characteristics:

So this is 1st class, but I will calculate according 3rd one.

According obtained results I select IPE 160 beam with following characteristics:

I select the first approach with 5 beams and l1=2,2m.

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