Performance scenario

Performance scenario.

After a small chit chat maid finished cleaning and left, to a concert. The joyful girl continued her games:

The paining’s done, now I’ll go play in the living room, teddy, and I know you’ll be more than happy to be my paper plain pilot, – she said.

For the best flight possible, I’ll need: wind, a high launch point and a good take off, – the little flight coordinator decided.

For wind, I’ll open the window, for a high launch point I’ll put a footstool ant the coffee table. – Suzy did these.

All I need now is a good throw, so, get ready, pilot Teddy. – And she threw the plane with the bear attached.

Let’s get out of here, Teddy. – She took the bear and the plane and without hesitation returned to her room, leaving everything else, as it was.

What is this mess? Where is the painting? Why is the window open? – He started asking.

Wait a moment: open window, footstool on the coffee table, broken plate and no more panting, this leads only to one thing – I’ve been robbed. – The man quickly came to a conclusion.

After twenty minutes the detectives knocked on the door. In a moment is was opened.

Good evening, are you the investigators? – The eager man asked.

Yes, now please, come inside, I’ll show you the crime scene. – Mark suggested.

They walked to the living room, where, the so called crime took place:

My painting “la femme” that was hanging above the fireplace is gone and you can see the rest. – Mister Peach explained.

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