Influence of conflicts on organizational performance

Influence of conflicts on organizational performance.

Also, learning, more precisely – learning in team, enriches employees performance and overall job satisfaction. By learning in team employees develop not only job-related skills and abilities, but also form relationships with their colleagues. This increases the overall job satisfaction, and therefore, increases performance, because the employee is more satisfied and happy with his job. Also, the overall process of learning is vital for employee job satisfaction. By learning employee gains new skills, becomes more competent and feels more happy and confident, which is a very important self-actualization need.

What is more, learning organizations promotes generation of new practices and ideas by changing mental models. It also endorses innovation, not only because of new ideas and practices, but also because of more intelligent and skilled employees, who become more innovative as they learn and progress. Innovations may produce tremendous benefits to corporations, which effect are mostly seen in the bottom line.

Overall, the benefits of learning organizations are limitless. Learning has become an essential practice in nowadays corporations, and without an effective knowledge management system, a today‘s modern corporation may not survive for long. By learning, companies produce knowledge, and knowledge is usually the most important competitive advantage of modern enterprises, because nowadays almost every worker is a knowledge worker.

As the project went on, the training department saw that its base of e-learning courses and videos was receiving less than normaly use from personnel.

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