People with disabilities

People with disabilities.

Nowdays, I think, that goverment should do something new and make easier life for people with disabilities. I know, that for blind persons the goverment did a lot good jobs, but I think that in the cities could build special shops for blind persons. Maybe it‘s stupid idea, but I think, that it will be easier for blind people to shop. And I think, that for people, which can‘t walk like women in the second photo the goverment could do special transport, also I saw, that in the second photo for women needs help from others to go down stairs, so I think, that goverment should do more special stairs for disabled people. And t will make easier life for them.

All in all, I think that people with disabilities are same as us and they can and should live like normal people. And I think, that we all can do something, that for these people life will be easier.

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