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YIT activities based on the company's mission, vision, strategy and values. Performance is also influenced by the changing public needs and interest groups.

YIT's main strategy - sustainable and profitable growth. Group of companies offering services and geographic coverage systematically increasing. Growth is being sought in the areas where it seems attractive levels of profitability and YIT which may influence their expertise. In implementing its strategy, the company evaluates market trends and growth opportunities offered by social changes and new customer needs.

Group companies are well prepared to implement your strategy - YIT has an extensive network of business units and boasts a strong position in the market. YIT is Finland's largest construction service and real estate development company successfully implementing housing business. Construction of residential buildings currently growing very rapidly in Russia and the Baltic states.

Subsidiary „UAB YIT Kausta būstas“ builds and sells apartments in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. Companies exclusivity in housing business - a great Scandinavian quality, attractive location in the city and direct communication with customers. All implemented housing projects are surround by pleasant aesthetically pleasing environment, it makes a good place to live. Housing - a long-term investment, so the company aims product to become it‘s visit card and the best customers choice. Lithuania company has already successfully implemented 17 housing projects in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda, which has installed more than 1,700 apartments.

Vilnius University of Science Communication and Information Center (MKIC), after 1414 days of constructions work, was opened on 6 February 2013. This is the first structure of Sunrise Valley, which later on will encounter other science and business cluster of buildings, so the library is once again in its history - the old library dated its founding nine years earlier for the same university. In 2013 VU MKIC chosen as the best architectural work.

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