My future personal goals

My future personal goals.

Hence when I‘ll finish school I hope to join the college in Kaunas. I would like to study finance. Well, that I‘ll attain it, I think, that now I have all my time, thought and weekends to give those science and lessons, which I‘ll held exams. So, I think I have to learn not only in school but also at home. Also, I thinking about addition learning. In fact, I would like to get teacher support and pressure. Perhaps it compel me to learn more.

And finally, I‘ll would like totalk about time management. I think that time management is a very good thing for everyone, because we can not only continuously learn, but also to relax. However, I believe that a well-planned time, large and a hard effort and good attendance can help students achieve good results in exams, because only concentrated on their studies and dropping the extraneous things, we can achieve what we want.

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  • My future personal goals
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