Film Review „Garfield“ presentation

Film review of. Garfield. Facts about the film. Release date. About the film director. Peter Hewitt born 9 October 1962 is an English film director and writer. Film actors. Jeniffer Love Hewitt. Main characters. John - is Garfield’s owner who is very good to his cat. Storyline. At the start of the film everything is like usual. Thoughts. Watched this. Recommendations. Think everyone. Thank you for your attention!

Release date: 2004 June 11th Runtime: 85 minutes Genre: Animated comedy film Director: Peter Hewitt.

I watched this film like 10 times, but it never gets old, I can watch and watch and watch this film, I think second part is better, but I prefer first one more. Sad, that there is no part three.

I think everyone has seen this film, but I would recommend it to everyone, because this film is just great, it is animated film, at the same time being a comedy, and that’s makes just a huge BOMB. If you haven’t seen it, just go ahead and watch!

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  • Film Review „Garfield“ presentation
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