My company

My company.

ARE WE ECO – FRIENDLY COMPANY ? Activity of the company does not do any harm to the environment. The measures necessary for the preparation of the final product is purchased in special networks. The bouquets are prepared by hand, so no mechanical appliances means also environmentally friendly.

OUR COMPANY OFFER A SERVICE Within our company we prepare bouquets and deliver them to customers, it is the main purpose of our work. We do not create the product, but by using a suitable decorations and other details create handmade bouquets that delight your customer later.

QUALITY In our company quality is one of the requirements of our staff is carried out. Prices are set in line with the quality of their bouquets. Our customers pay for excellent work, we have and their loyal customers. People come with certain expectations, which are implemented with a vengeance. The company has a reputation in the country, because we have worked diligently and responsibly, we deliver the orders on time. It remains to satisfy both sides, both customers and suppliers. Although it is rare, but sometimes and unhappy people, we agree with them, and if there is damage reimbursed.

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