My best friend

My best friend.

Liza is outgoing and energetic person, because she likes being with friends, telling them what she saw while she was left . Also Liza is very hardworking. I had never seen her calm and quiet. (niekada nebuvau jos mačiusi ramios ir tylios). She loves pets, like me! She has 4 pets at home: cat, dog, parrot and mouse. I think, she’s crazy! Despite the fact that Liza is cute, friendly and very sociable, she can be very aggressive sometimes. She hates her animals, her work and even me sometimes(net manęs).

Liza is artistical person. She loves music, pictures, nature and all about it. In free time she shows how she can sing and play guitar or piano for people in clubs. Her voice is amaizing! Everyone is impressed by (kiekvienas lieka sužavėtas) her talent.

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