Motivational letter for University

Motivational letter for University.

My extracurricular activities such as debating helped me continue to grow my knowledge in politics and history outside the classroom as well. While debating topics such as “This house would offer immunity to dictators in return of leaving power” or “This House would ban countries with poor human rights records from participating in the Olympic Games” in national tournaments, I was able to analyse international solution methods used to stabilize countries. However, most showed that international response is very limited when it comes to sovereign illiberal states. As I did debating tasks to improve intellectually, I later discovered that proxy wars are international developments that I am fascinated by. I extended my knowledge in this field with a given debating assignment about Yemen. I found out that Saudi and Iranian governments fuel conflicts in Yemen to expand influence in the Middle East. Seeing how their desires are fulfilled at the expense of Yemeni people, stability and peace only strengthen my view towards international capacity. I knew my capacity to contribute in the global arena depends on my knowledge about countries’ structure, history and culture. I am sure with Science Po university’s language learning possibilities I will be able to excel my communication skills and in Babel Initiative expose to Middle East culture and traditions.

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