Monologue music theme

Monologue music theme.

So, today im going to talk about music theme, more specificly presenting a survey of adults „...“.

Looking at the grah we can see four diferents charts and each shows how many adults prefers what kind of music. Talking about survey results, we can tell, that „classical music concerts“ dominated with 18% of the votes. In the second with 16% of votes is „Jazz performances“, and third is „Musical films“ with 12% of the votes. „Opera performances“ got the leats with only 6 % of the votes. From this we can say, that aduls mostly prefers „Classical music concerts“ and „Jazz performances“. I think, i‘m wont be very wrong, if i say, that „Musical films“ gained some points to, because it only gained 6% less that the winner. But the adults are leats interested in „Opera performances“.

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